Thursday, September 04, 2008

Worker Boys

My boys workin on the house. Greg teases me about only taking pictures whne his brothers are here's proof that's not true.


Super Hero in the house

I have never had any off my children obsessed about a character as much as Isaac is and you know me I have got to get the photos and he is still willing for about 5 min max.

He is shooting me with his web...sound effects and all.

The pj's I was dying to buy him when I saw them and now I can't get them off of him.

I've gotta get that cute baby face.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Journal entry

Today's schedule
8:30 get the kids off to school
2 hours of editing while the kids play or watch a show
get dressed
make lunch
12:08 take Elyse to the bus stop
12:30 go to school with Isaac (of which I completely enjoyed)
1:30 school's done
go to the store Karma with Jamie and buy a cute hat
come home put Isaac to bed for his nap
sit down and have a salad and watch a little t.v.
shows over cause now it's 3:45 the kids just got home from school
run around doing about everything at this point
6:00 Gabe has soccer practice and so does Elyse
6:30 I have a photoshoot
8:00 done with photoshoot go to Cafe Rio
8:30 run to the store and get some brownies for Greg's students tomorrow
9:00 get home and see the kids off to bed
10:30 edit some photos
12:05 Feelin' guilty for everything is so rushed I want it to slow down sometimes. i want it all but feel like it's too much to manage home life and my love for photography. i don't want any regrets but have a hard time managing it all. I hope that it all works out.

Bryn's Sunflower

Bryn started this sunflower at the end of the school year. We fed it and gave it all the sun we could but this is how big it got. I say good job girl lets keep at our garden eventually we will get a tall one.


Tidbits of Info

The other day Gabe and Bryn got up @ 3:00 am to watch Phantom of the Opera. What? 3:00 in the morning...they wanted to make sure that they got to watch it before they went to school. Basically Gabe stayed awake and Bryn fell right back to sleep.

What 2 year will put themselves to bed? Mine will. All I do is ask him to go to bed and he will do it and stay less. I will come in later we sing I love to see the temple, read him a story, and say his prayers and that's it...he stays.

Elyse cried the other day that I had a photoshoot. So unlike her. She has been very clingy lately she has to make sure that everyone has a kiss and a hug before we leave. Even at my soccer game before I go to play and while I am on the sidelines every 2 min she is saying HI. I love it all sometimes it feels to much but someone told me enjoy while you still get, I will.

It's was Labor day weekend and we worked on the house no play time for us. But we now have wood floor all the way to my kitchen sink...there is about a 12 in gap. We are so close. I know its not completely done but it makes happy inside.