Sunday, December 28, 2008

Salt Lake Temple session

The day after Christmas we made it to a live session at the temple. It was a pleasure (like that word) to have every single one of us at the temple. It was cold out and I had the wrong shoes on for the walk to and from the car (I can't seem to find boots that fit my large calves).

The close up

Gotta get the majestic temple in

...and finally some shots of Greg and I that don't seem to make priority any more.

We have a nerd in the house

...I mean we have 2 with the offspring we have created (this would be Greg and Gabe). I do have to say I loooooove having a nerd around and one of the benefits from today is an:

Excel Spreadsheet projecting how long it will take for us to finish remodeling the inside of our house. This does not include the outside. The projected time when we will finish is in July of 2011 with us working only 9hrs a week no more or less (I just hope its done sooner...the spreedsheet says if we give 15 hours a week we will finish in July 2010).

Example spreedsheet.

Christmas in Review

Christmas Day...was WHITE!
Lots of presents
so much excitement that there wasn't any sleeping until 2:00 a.m.
getting up @ 7:00 a.m. (made them wait until 8)

Santa visited Isaac at school and Elly was there for the party too

Mrs. Claus reading them a book

Isaac's chrismas ornament that he made at school.

Christmas Sledding Party was a blast!

Isaac getting board of sledding so he wanted to play in some water...fareeezing!

Friday, December 19, 2008


You know when you go to a store and there is a SALE and its a really good that if you buy it now it saves you money later and you know that you will use it. Well, I found one of those today and came out like a bandit but spent $237...shhhhh, don't tell Greg. My rationalization was this...I haven't bought scrapbooking stuff for about 2 years now... I'm thinkin it's about time I update my stuff...or soon to be collection. Not really sure when but I would like to get on top of it again. I mean I only take about 1,000 pictures a month.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Elyse's Daily Goodbye List

This one is Dad's
Give me a elbow high five and then a real high five. Then I need a hug and a kiss and a blow kiss.

For mom it goes like this
Wait at the bus stop and when it gets here give a hug and a kiss then wait till she gets on the bus and wave.