Saturday, September 26, 2009

One more post to go

Yes, I have posted a ton in a row but it's what I've gotta do to catch up.

I caught Isaac reading in my room the other. He just studies this book from cover to cover...and since we don't have cable...we have all discovered reading. It's was crazy I came home one night from chatting with the girls in the neighborhood and found the house to be so quiet because everyone was reading.

Isaac and friends

Isaac loves his friends. He says to me daily "Mom I have lots of friends like Tallin, Tye, Jackson, Brinton, and Katelyn" all of which are cousins.

I found some pictures way back that I haven't posted yet.

Isaac Pre-school

So Isaac has started Pre-school and he LOVES it! He gets to be big just like his brother and sisters and he even gets homework...we'll see how long he will love that.
For his first field trip we went to the fire station...he talks about it all the time. He knows that he shouldn't be scared of them that they are there to help and DON'T hide from them if there is a fire and we even went thru the escape route.

Isaac and knifes

This boy wants his own pocket knife...he is 3 are you kidding me. So, in replacement of the knife we have given him some nail clippers and the part that has the file is the knife.
Now he has found my butter knifes and I caught him throwing them into this box. He's 3 too young for this kinda stuff don't you think.

Tea Party

Elyse won a tea set at a birthday party and has played with it non stop ever's also one of those breakable ones and so far only 1 plate broken 3 more to go...oh, and the cups too.

Looking forward to Sunday's

Last Sunday we were hanging outside enjoying the beautiful crisp fall weather...and taking some photos.

Gabe got some thumb cuffs and put them on the cat.

Lemonade Stand

They were on a earn money. I'm not sure what they wanted it for but they had a thing I know they are running in the house screaming "We have $17" and "It's just the amount that we need for nails."

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So, I told you yesterday of all the things I had done before 9:30 well, today not so much. I stayed in bed until 10:30 reading (I'm almost done with Eclipse)...I just needed to take it slow...and that's pretty much how the day went.

Monday, September 21, 2009


I got up did my exercise for the day put my laundry away made my bed and showered all before 9:30 YES! Chalk that one for the history books.

Oh yeah I have to put this on here. Yesterday as I was getting dressed Isaac says to me "Mom, your BEAUTIFUL!" He melts my heart.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rock Canyon Rock Climbing

Storm clouds...a rock band (not very good but Elyse thought it was cool) BYU students (remembering the good ol' days) and some food makes for a good Friday night.
It was so relaxing...minus the big cooler full of ice and water that we carried up the mountain to the climbing remind Greg of the movie overboard when she brought basically her bedroom for one trip...I had my camera bag (that aint small) the cooler, food and jackets in case it got cold and rained on us.
Despite the workout we had to get to our spot. I really enjoyed BEING with the family. Sometimes I don't fully enjoy the activities we do because of the stress of getting their and possibly the stress of making sure everyone is safe.
They all got a chance at a climb even Isaac and Elyse got in the action...they didn't get far but gave it a good effort.

The magazine photo op as we were heading out.

Just had to add.
Greg proposed to me while I was climbing a 10a (the climbs are ranked on difficulty and at this time I had only climbed a 5.8 and a 5.9 the next level is a 10a then it goes to b,c,d, on up to a 14 which is like climbing glass with a few notches). There I was being all cocky that I could do a 10a easy as pie...right! Well, not so much I couldn't get past the first overhang...kinda funny. Let me skip back...Greg did the lead climb to get the rope up there so I could start my climb but while he did that he had set my wedding ring in a hole at the top...I didn't even know he had a ring for me...I had know idea he was proposing.
Anyways on my climb I finally got past the overhang it was smooth sailing after that until I realize how high it was. I was done...but Greg belaying me would not let me down. My friends had to chime didn't help much. He encouraged me that I was almost done and that I can't give up now I've got to finish what I've started. He knew exactly what to say...I am a little competitive and so I moved forward and made it to the top. His friend Paul was telling me to stay there for a photo and put my hands in certain holds...let's say it took me a little bit to find the black box. And the rest is history. We have always said that we would love to take our kids rock climbing...we haven't done it very much...gonna have to change that. After that fun story are some photos of us.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back to the Basics

Here it is for those of you that don't know. Greg is no longer working for Special Ops Paintball and has started is own new adventure. So, we will be poor for I'm not sure how long and to say the least things have gotten pretty tight around here in the Bishop household. For instance we cut off feeding the whole neighborhood...okay part of the neighborhood. This was a tough one they (as in all of them could not understand this) "I can't share with my friends."
I like this one "We can't go swimming because we don't have the money" Bryn had said this on her own. Once they understood on how or what we choose to spend our money on their decisions were pretty easy...sometimes not fun but for the most part understandable.
We also cut off allowance...I think the kids should work just to live in here...he he he. They don't need money. Anyways I gave them a chance today to do some extra jobs to get some money. It was amazing they were actually willing to do more work for less. I worried that with us telling them about our finances that the impact would be negative but I don't know I may be wrong.
I have to say that we have grown so much as a family in the last 4 months...we actually like to hang out with each other. We go on small outings now...they actually feel BIG and are FUN! We've enjoyed the dollar theater again...and Friday night is movie night. And who needs a swing set when you have a rope and a stick...that was how the summer was spent. I have many holes in the grass to prove it. (Pictures to come later) I love that with this economy, the recession, that we are going thru that it has brought us Back to the Basics.