Sunday, May 30, 2010

School Graduation

Another year has gone by for the kids and it makes me sad every time because they are just growing up so fast but I also love to watch them learn and grow. I didn't bring my camera to a lot of festivities I'm just getting lazy to take any photos lately.
Gabe had a singing program...made me cry.
Isaac had a program too...made me cry.
Field was fun to watch. It's fun to embarrass Gabe for dancing and to find the girls loving it.

The only photos I got were of Isaac's school. Yep I totally forgot to have him wear specific clothes that they asked to have him wear...o'well.

His teachers. They were the best photos I could get.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just Swinging

Oh to be a kid again to have no worries or stress but just to think of what to play next.

It so fun to watch the kids make their own swings in the backyard with the rope that Grandpa Darrell gave Gabe. It makes for patch's on the grass but who cares they really enjoy it.

Most of the time when I think of taking pictures Isaac is the only one home so he gets to be in most of my shots. Why should he mind anyways he's doing something he enjoys.

Bad parent award this weekend

First off it started with me Friday night I ran over Kitty's leg with the car and it broke her right femur. In my defense she always greets us when the door opens and soon runs out of the way along the house and this time she just laid down next to where I pull in and then MEOW! I knew right then that I had done something bad. To fix it would mean surgery and a cast $500-700. We have chosen not to spend living money on fixing the cats leg and have been told that she will heal just fine. She will just a have a gimp leg for life.

She would scoot herself along the floor to get around.

Next up for the award goes to Dad he locked Bryn in his car at Ely's soccer game. Isaac kept telling me Bryn was in daddy's car and I thought okay that's were she wanted to It might have been 45 min later Bryn came out and she seemed very upset and I asked her but she wouldn't tell me. Dad did some talking and found out later what the offense was...Bryn couldn't figure out how to get the car unlocked that's why she was in there for so long.

YES! Good Job Parent Award posted on my fridge.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bryn Photos

I always plan to do the blossoms but there is always something that gets in the way of doing it like soccer practice, activity days, piano, or just plain crappy weather. Well we had it planned and then it got windy and cold but we still did it, no blossoms though.

She was a trooper so positive and helpful it was a lot of fun.

What we love about Bryn:
her strong spirit
and genuine laughter
her willingness to do what is right
she loves make up new games
very creative
soccer player, she has such a powerful hit it scares the girls that are trying to get the ball. she is naturally a sweeper (my position) she can really clean up the defense. It makes us smile.
can't wait for her baby brother
we are so happy to have this wonderful daughter of God in our home..


Get on your bike and ride

Today was walk or ride your bike to school. The kids were super excited to ride them but it meant some work for Greg to fix both of the girls flat tires. I don't usually let them because there are no sidewalks for them to ride on and I don't have helmets yet for Bryn and Gabe (yeah yeah I know you can say who I care about the most). Today I gave them that exception.
Before they left for school I was reminded back when Gabe was in Kindergarten and he was dying to ride his bike to school. We lived in Manti at the time and it was really simple to get to school but he just didn't know how to REALLY watch for cars because some of the intersections didn't have any stop signs it was everyone's yield. I would follow behind him to make sure he would look both ways before he would cross. He did a very well. I think he did this a few times until it wasn't fun anymore or he got lazy.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Today's Walk-a-thon

I went to the annual walk-a-thon today and ran one lap with each of the kids.

I think Elyse ran 19 laps, Bryn 23 and Gabe 25 but they each should have 2 more laps added for my lap and Isaac's.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day

What a BEAUTIFUL Day!!!!!!

I really look forward to mother's day. It's the day I get those handmaid gifts from the kids and Greg too. I actually asked Greg for a weed whacker. I know that Mary got one on her mother's day and didn't like it very much (it was a gift for Loren and he was optimizing I'm sure) but I really would like to have all that long grass on the sides trimmed. I like to mow the lawn so why not get a gift that we really need but with the finances that we are in it will have to be for next year.

My gifts were presented to me after church all nicely laid out on the counter in the kitchen. There were so many hand made cards and flowers that it covered the counter. I really joy in ready all of them it gives me a BIG smile and warms my heart for having such sweet wonderful children.

The rest of the day was spent with my mother who made us a spectacular dinner...ummmm so yummy. And then we went to Nana's for a piano recital and some delicious desert.

A beautiful day it was.

Friday, May 07, 2010

To Do List:

Bryn loves a to do list and if you put precisely what she or I need done it gets done.

Saturday, May 01, 2010


I have been challenging myself to take photos of what tells a story. What do I want to remember.

This scene stuck out to me as I decided to go downstairs and cuddle with Isaac while he was still asleep. I have done this with all of my kids I probably snuggle more when I am pregnant. It's hard for me to really put to words about how I feel when I transition bringing a new baby into the family.

This photo to me is a Remember When: they were so tiny, so forgiving, so happy, I'm growing up, imagination, pretend, simple joy and so much more.


Oreo aka Kitty had her babies last night. Gabe brought her to me just after school and asked why does she have all this wet stuff on her. So, I took her out to the garage and put her in the box that Bryn and Bryton made for her. She didn't like that very much and really wanted to be in the house under the kitchen sink.
She probably didn't have her first baby until about 8:30 and she was done about 10:00. It looked like they were all going to be black but once they were dry we got a grey one named Jaz...Isaac came up with name I'm sure his inspiration was Transformers. He didn't discover them until this morning and was so excited to spread more of his love around. I'm going to have to watch him very close so that they will live.