Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just an update

Last weekend Isaac learned how to ride a 2 wheeler at Tye's house. It was a surprise because I could barely get him to ride his new spider man bike he got for his birthday and now he is on a 2 wheeler. On the ride home all he could talk about was how he needed to get his training wheels off and that he was too big for them. Pictures to come soon.

Father's and son's was a blast. Gabe brought his own tent and so Isaac wanted one of Greg's old ones it had some missing pieces to get it setup right but he was able to jimmy rig it to work and it took Isaac all of 2 secs to decide he didn't want to sleep alone. It sounds like there was a lot of playing, rope swinging, zip line, canoeing, a large campfire (that I here Gabe started making and it didn't stop there he had to come home and make one to), obstacle course, rope bridge and singing by the fire...something like cumbya.
*no pics to show of this event. last time I sent the camera and it never left the spot I put it in so I didn't send one this time.
The girls had some time together we went swimming, then food Cafe Rio and Taco Amigo, visited Grannie nails painted. We stopped to get a movie and ended up with 3 then did our own campfire at home and ended the night watching tooth fairy in my bed and then Dear John it wasn't until 2 a.m. before we got some shut eye...sleep in time was about 10. Elyse's quote was "this is the best day ever."

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

I don't know how great of a day it was for Dad (you have to remember this is written from my perspective). After church we came home and had a wonderful nap together. During this nap the kids made cards for Dad, Grandpa, and Grandpa Darrell and Gabe cleaned up all the mess and went beyond that and did the dishes too. It was so wonderful to me. He knew that Dad had all the jobs today so he did them for him. I know Dad loved it he was still a little sleepy to respond. So we had dinner went to visit my Grandpa Lewis and ran into Darrell as we were leaving and then visited Loren.

We are so grateful for you. You are the best for all of us. We love how you keep us laughing at your animated stories and even at you. I know the kids love their special dates they get to have with you and they will never forget them.

A Birthday Bash for Gabe

11 things we love about Gabe

1- He is so willing to help.
2- Wants to do what is RIGHT.
3- An inventor, very creative one.
4- He loves to be better: at soccer, being a brother a son or a friend, at trying new things out like racquetball.
5- Responsible
6- He loves LAUGH
7- He works hard to earn money. For his Birthday he got $160 and counting because of his earnings.
8- Big Heart
9- Handsome
10- Beautiful smile
11- He plans to serve a mission

We love having this BOY in our family he like the rest of them make it complete.

So another year has past and Gabe is now 1 year older and wiser and a little mischievous. I can't tell yet. He was showing off a little too much.
He had such a blast it started out with playing some racquetball with Dad and going out to eat at In & Out, going to the pool, jumping off of the roof onto the tramp, and checking out the new movie Karate Kid. He also stayed up late I think it was like 1 or 2 that he finally got some shut eye. And then it started back up the next day around 9 Calvin was knocking at the door.
Gabe & Calvin have been inseparable since summer started mostly spending their days at Calvin's though, it might be because they get away with more over there...I don't know, Calvin is a little homebody.
Boys don't want their photo taken so I had to get creative and asked them to pretend to fight and as Gabe put up his fist his elbow hit him right in the face. But they thought it was COOL!
He doesn't want me to take any photos to he was trying to hide behind his hand but I got a little something.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Free Kittens

It was tough but the kids let go of the kittens this weekend. I am excited they will have a good home to go to instead of the shelter. I have to admit I was a little sad to have them gone too. It was fun to hear them playing around in the mud room and finding them in the hamper sleeping together. It was a joy to have them to love. We did get some tears last night because Bryn and fallen in love with one particular one named puff ball...yes, they named all of them and could tell them apart. She was the cuddliest and the one that they all loved most.

Jaz, cute eyes, puff ball, vanilla puff I think were the names...I'm gonna have to ask the kids.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Swimming Lessons

I put Ely and Isaac into some swimming lessons to calm my head about them drowning. They both love it. Isaac was a little hesitant the day after his first lesson because he didn't want to get water in his ears...its a day later and he has gotten past it. Ely has to sleep in her swimming suit at night to make sure that we wont have any problems getting there.
I wish I could have them keep going and have the rest of the kids in the lessons to but we get to choose for now what things we get to do.

It has been a joy to watch them learn from Sheila and learn so quickly too. Everything that is asked of them to do they can do it and they both feel so proud of themselves. They can't stop smiling about it. This is the joy of being able to be home with our kids. I love watching this growth.


This morning I had the cutest alarm wake me up.

Isaac with his spider man suit and said in his quiet voice, "Mom, wake up"

I loved it I'm gonna have to get some kind of shot.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Blah blah blah

Okay here it is. I am BORED! I have not done a thing the last week and have felt great physically but mentally I'm going insane. I think I have prepartum depression because of the lack of things I can do. I know blah blah blah. So, yesterday I decided I was going to clean the house and yes, it hurt then I moved outside and attempted some weeding....ummm, I paid for it later. I literally could not walk the rest of the night. And right now as I type this I am sitting on a pillow to soften the chair. It's called SI Joint Disfunction and my hip on the right is sperated from the joint and then it causes inflamation in it and it KILLS me. I got this from my first pregnancy and have had ever since. My doc just told me it's arthritis. YEAH! I'm happy that it does go away slightly after I have the babies. And extremely happy that I am still able to excersize and play soccer. We will see how it is when I am older. I just pray for know that I can still move. So, blah blah blah. I am done whinning and will move on.

Photo of me at 30 weeks.