Saturday, July 30, 2011

Elly's Birthday Pony Ride

Well she finally got her promised Birthday ride about 2 weeks late but it happened!!!!
Elyse loves to ride horses.
This was certainly a happy day for her.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Welcome Amy and Emme

This is Emily and Emme these are their American names. Emily is Xiong Fangping and Emme is Yang Xuedan. They are super shy but I would be to if I was 12 and in a new country learning English. I know they'll be warming up to us and our crazy household. So far, I know they LOVE french fries.

So my role as a host is to have them hang out with us and do all of our activities that we do together. While they are here they go to school during the day for their 3 week stay. I don't feel the need to do a ton of stuff because while they are at school they do a lot of sight seeing...that makes it so I can be lazy and stay home but thats pretty much what they wanted to do anyways. We made pizza one night...that was fun. They also made us a meal one night.

We did go to the splash pad in Highland... loved it. We also went shopping. And had our family reunion. That was about all the we did. We enjoyed the experience of getting to know them, I think they did as well.

Some things we learned:
they LOVE American food mostly hot dogs, pizza, french fries, candy, ice cream and fruit.
Emme mom was a stay at home mom...that's actually very rare.
Amy is a princess and Emme is a helper
Emme loved a lot of our activities she enjoyed trying new thing and Amy was a little more reserved.
They eat with their mouths open...that was a hard one for Gabe. He didn't eat with us much at dinner time.
They love name brands.
They didn't talk much with their parents. I think they called them once or twice in the 3 weeks they were here.
Emme spent most of her money on gifts for people at home and Amy spent most of it on her.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bishop Family Reunion

Good times.
We had a lot planned around town.
*seven peaks
*rock climbing
*late night movie
*a trip to the zoo

 Most of the events I had left my camera behind but have a few shots to remember it by.

We are starting of the family reunion with some rock climbing.

This would be my "special" brother-in-law

And forgot the camera. Had tons of fun and burned myself. I lathered myself 3 times and still burned. I didn't put any on my legs and they burned in only 20 minutes.

Went to the Zoo without my camera....lame sauce I know. I had some good photo ops too....UGH! Yeah, I have been a little sidetracked and I keep forgetting my camera. Family Reunion stuff going on and I am missing all the photo ops because I am so worried about getting to where we need to be.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Daddy time!

Little Beckam loves to be thrown in the air.

I just love how happy he his to be with his daddy.

Quiet time

I'm sitting here thinking of what to do with myself. Its quiet...its exactly what I wanted but -is it. I could read scriptures, play some angry birds, better yet, take a nap. That's it I've decided to get my sleep on. I'll be back to make more posts. Sunday is usually the day I play catch up with the week events.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Ely's Birthday Partay

Party time at Classic Skating. Oh, how this brings up those childhood memories. Love the days when I was a pro roller skater. I seriously had some moves...ask me to do them now and may fall flat on my face. Good times!
I bought these discount tickets to have a huge friend party with Gabe, Bryn, Elyse and Isaac but it didn't work out the way I wanted so, I split up the ticket purchase and had Elye's party here and then Bryn will be next.