Sunday, March 25, 2012

What!!! Its March.

Are you kidding me. I have a lot to talk about.

Isaac's Birthday. He's 6 now!
Isaac says funny things.
Elyse has started voice lessons. She LOVES it!
Beckam is talking. He says. Ewe gross, thank you (more like kank u) Gabe (Dabe) Bryn (Byn) Elyse (sometimes is Eese) and Isaac is Iyaac, he can say ball, buckle, ba ba, & kinkie (for binkie)
Soccer started.
Bryn wants to tryout for the premiere team.
Gabe as discovered he loves art.
Bryn had her first game Saturday...they won.
She got 2 goals from defense. 
Beckam got the first burn of the season and I feel so bad for not covering him up. He also drank some after shave and had to call poison control, they wanted me to keep an eye on him for an our to make sure he wasn't so called drunk. He was fine and smelled really good :)
Bryn also has a little stocker. A boy came over to see if Bryn had his homework. I said to him "why would she have your homework?" He said, "I don't know they (Bryn and Aubrey) where playing games with me."
She was at soccer practice so, I checked her bag, it wasn't there. I told him he could come back by when she gets home. He did. He knocked shortly after she was home, thankfully Greg was there, I was out picking up Gabe, she didn't want to answer but he kept ringing the bell and even walked in the back yard to look thru the window to see if she was there. Well, he knew she was home because he was watching the house. He told her that. She is really creepted out by him, I am as well.
This is really odd behavior for a 10 year old don't you think? And, she has no idea how he knows where she lives...she thinks he may have followed her home from school.
He's done it to her friend Aubrey as well, he rode her bus home. WEIRD!  

Its been warm outside and so therefore the kids are very dirty and stinky. 

And some photos of Beckam. But just a few.  I just wanted a shot of him looking at me and smiling but he just wont do it.