Monday, June 24, 2013

Far West Regionals in Hawaii

Bryn's team won first in State so that will take them off to play in the Far West Regional Conference in Hawaii. This has been a goal for the team for 2 years and its now happening. WOW! We as parents didn't really think that we would be going to Hawaii only because they take the first place teams and the last year we took 2nd. But even if we took 2nd we were going because the U12 got drawn the wild card and was able to take 2 teams from our division. That was exciting news but financially we didn't plan for it :) so I decided to host some mini sessions to help pay for the trip. We were so blessed to have so many come forward to help pay the way to get there. It was such a fun experience for Bryn and I including the other girls I chaperoned as well. As always I have photos because that is how I truly tell the story since I'm not good with words :) 
I'm going to put the instagram photos on here when I get them.

Monday, June 03, 2013


This little dude just loves to be naked lately. Here it is in its full glory :)