Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bishop Reunion

I have this blog for my history it's my little family journal. I may not be very quick at making posts or telling the story very well with words but the best way for me to remember the story is in the photos. The captures I get truely do have a thousand words to me. I will stare at the shot for hours I even come back to it time and time again because it really speaks to me.

These photos are from our Bishop Family Reunion of which we all love at least our family does. This year was particularly awesome because it was so easy. Tent setup for one night and no dirt we basically slept in a park.


Elly's broken arm

It happened Thursday night after she fell off the monkey bars.
At first, she wouldn't let me take her to the doctor and wanted to wait until the next day to have the doctor look at her arm. After some phone calls, I decided to take her to the ER. She had fallen asleep making it much easier for me to talk her into to going to the hospital.
She was so brave at the hospital, she didn't even squirm when they put the I.V. in, so that they could sedate her to reposition her bone back for a better healing.
Monday she will get the cast. They asked for her favorite color and she requested rainbow - she may have to settle for pink.

Back to School

It's been a week now and I think we have adjusted, except for Elyse. It is a little tough for her to go all day LONG but she has managed. I like this back to school photo they get so tired of me taking their photos...but I have to - it's how I remember.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Horse Rides

My neighbor's made the mistake of telling the girls that they could have a horse ride. I think they asked every day until it was possible.
I told Erica to start a little pony riding business...charge a dollar for a ride. The neighborhood girls lined up at the chance have a ride. I think she made 11 bucks in one hour. That's good money!

Summer coming to a close least I thought so with school starting and all...but it was almost 100 degrees and tough to endure watching a few soccer games.

Well summer was fun...went by fast but fun. I love the beginning of the school teachers new grade new clothes new soccer team...fall crisp air arriving and the change of color on the trees.

Farewell to summer and hello fall.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I can do better

While watching Greg's game the other day Gabe said to me.

"They make it look so hard." referring to shooting goals.

then he said. "I can do better than that." I laughed pretty hard.