Monday, June 25, 2012

Bits of Beckam

I find Beckam on the table daily but this time he found some apples in the bowl and took a bite out of all of them and then moved on to the eat the cereal.

I found him on my desk taking calls and putting on the girls hair things.

Beck loves is bottle, blanket and binki. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer starts out with a BANG!

With many parties the first week...staying up late...starting soccer practice already and making a pretty cool zip line in the backyard...oh, and I can't forget about night games. 

May goes by WAY to fast because of all the activities and what nots that it makes summer creep right up on me then it makes me unprepared for summer and it seems to stay this way the whole summer.
And for some reason I've been really onry. I don't want to be the source of entertainment and since it creeps up on me I don't have ideas of things for them to do. Its been this way for about 3 weeks. I haven't been able get any of my own stuff done like paying bills, editing or clean.
I need to find some way to just sit down, relax and have fun!!!!!! I mean how many summers do I get with my kids before Gabe is off on a mission. And by the way I am now a mom of a about time creeping up on me. His Birthday does that to me every year.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Soccer Tryouts

Soccer tryouts has taken up so much of my time its been a little consuming and frustrating...the politics is really making me mad.
Gabe had tryouts but they pretty much stayed the same team.
Elyse had AA tryouts and she made a team...she was soooooo excited!
Isaac is going to do a challenger league
Bryn's tryouts where the most dramatic. She had been practicing with premier team for a bit, which was good because she seemed to be a little timid at tryouts, and since they had already seen her play before it helped her to get on the Premier team plus, she's tall for her age and mostly fully developed which makes it better for sports.
It took them a few days to post the roster for the teams because they where cutting a little under half of the girls that tried out. I think there was 80 girls and they where only making 3 teams...each team has to keep 9 original girls to keep there standing on the division roster and then they could add any new players they need to fill the team. There was issue with coaching for Bryn's D1 team, they were bringing a new coach in, we already had a new coach last year and had issues with that so the assistant stepped in to finish off the year. He had his coaching license and approval from the state to coach but because of politics he wasn't given the position. He would have been perfect for the team, the girls and parents already new him and his coaching style...its unfortunate that they (the Club) couldn't get it figure it out and make it work. Eventually 1 team left and went to Dynamo and the 2nd roster most of the girls left and went Dynamo as well (they were all on north side of Utah County and just made more sense to stay closer to home...Dynamo is over here in Alpine and Celtic practices are in Orem it can take up to 30 min each way to drive...that time adds up).
I'm sad that Billy (Bryn's old coach) didn't get the position to coach and then it broke up the team completely. The girls loved Billy it was such a good team of girls I just wish that the politics where not involved in this at all and we could have moved on with our happy little teams.
Bryn will tryout the year with the premier team and see how it goes for and her and for us as well. I don't want her to be pushed to the limit still want her to enjoy and LOVE soccer. Premier is very competitive its like we put her on a varsity team but she's only 11. It looks like the team does a really good job and honing all the girls' skills and talent and letting them shine while having a little bit of competition all the while giving positive and constructive feedback but if this team turns into the Premier team that Gabe was one we will be leaving in a heartbeat.
So, here's a year of tournaments in California, Nevada, and Utah. And then we'll see how they will do in State Cup. I think last year the girls took the State for U11.

I do have to say with all the drama we didn't get a chance to enjoy the decision process for her to make a premier team. So now I say CONGRATS Bryn for making the team. I think it will be so much fun.

Oh and Gabe's team is going to be sponsored by Forza (cool, I guess) but I thought that being sponsored meant they will pay for the jersey's and other stuff but it doesn't seem like that is the case. So, it looks like Gabe will be getting new jersey's this year...that will make a dent in the pocket..but I have a plan...FUNDRAISER. I'm so happy for these kids. Gabe has a great team and is ready to move up and the roster. They look so good on the field. Mitch is an amazing coach. Can't wait to see what's in store for their team.

I'm so proud of these kids and all of their accomplishments. They work hard everyday to become a better player (ball juggles, jump ropes and even running on there own) I love that they love soccer. I love to watch all of their games...if I can.
I do hope that they are choosing a sport that they enjoy but its good for me because I already know the rules for the sport but lets say...hypothetically that if Gabe wanted to play football I would have know idea whats going on (he doesn't like football so its pretty hypothetical).

Monday, June 04, 2012


I love how these two love to laugh and play together. Madelynn is the first one she suggests when she wants to play with someone. Its too bad they live so far apart.

Cousin Friends

Anytime Elyse asks to play with someone she is always asking for Madelynn. We don't live very close so its not very often that they get to hang together (Elyse would like it everyday) but when they do hang out its super fun and LONG (gotta get some hang time in).
Schools out and Sheridan was gone for the week and so I get a text when can Elyse and Madelynn get together? I said, "Today is she needs to." and there we have it they got to have a sleepover.