Sunday, August 29, 2010

Post it

This is what I find around the house now days. If I am sleeping or feeding Beckam or maybe even off to an errand this is how they keep the #4 family rule. Let your parents know where you are.

August flies by and wife of an Entrepreneur

What does that bring for below.

This month has been a crazy one but we are making it thru some better than others.

Many of you know that I am an open book. If I am having a GOOD day or a BAD day you will all I right Nate, I don't hide it very well. Is that good thing or a bad one I'm not sure.

Anyways as we move forward to the next month we are looking forward to moving out of our home and into a basement apartment. It kind of sounds bad coming from a 4,000 square foot home with 7 bedrooms 3 bathrooms 1 1/2 kitchens and 3 living rooms and a half an acre lot...but its not so we are excited to be making some changes. We get to downsize (get rid of stuff) save money, for a new home, fix our credit but the best part is we get to be close as a family and have the experience to save together and serve on another.

I wanted to write down some of my thoughts about this yesterday.

What a day I have had...been sitting here in self pitty and "what if's" and "I don't want this to be happening." While I am doing this I have realized I don't like it when my children do this so why am I doing it to Greg...LAME! I am so thankful for his patience with me in giving me this time to discover for myself how I want to be in the circumstance and not getting upset at me. In the meantime he was finding every possible way to lift my burdens & take my stress away. It's not like he as any stress of his own...finding a place to live and running a company trying to make everyone happy all at the same time. I wish I could be half as strong as him. He is such an amazing example to me.
Before writing this down I had the strong impression of what it has meant for me in having Beckam come to our family and what it can bring to me as a mother. Each child has given ME something. My 1st child a NEW look on life and complete LOVE. The 2nd PATIENCE for they were 16 months apart and best buddies. The 3rd brought PEACE the 4th HARMONY and the the 5th RELAX and have FUN!
Having Beckam and taking care of him as meant me not being in control of how everything runs in this home and to let things go has been huge for me.
If I can take all of these attributes (or whatever you call them) and use them, I will enjoy the life that was set for me as a mother. I can't wait to see what's in store for me and comes out of this new found knowledge.

My best buddies and wonderful examples to me for I who I have become and will become. I love them so much!


Another soccer season is off to a start and Bryn's first game was yesterday early morning. I didn't think I would make it but Beckam slept so well that we were their in a heart beat.

I love this girl she is so ME. She is LOUD and tells everyone where they should be and controls that defense. She has some awesome defenders that play with her as well. They shut down those forwards and if any team wants to make goals they need to shoot from outside the goalie box.

I discovered while taking her pictures that Bryn's number is 12. That's my number.

And just before Greg was getting ready to head out to the game he found Kitty in his car. While he was trying to throw her out, she put up a pretty good fight, he discovered she had her kittens in his car (yes more kittens...ugh!). He was not happy about that at all but...she was pretty clean.
They are all black again and she gave birth to 5 this time. I hope that I can get her fixed before she can get pregnant again.

Dress up Beckam's clothes. I don't know why but I will find Isaac putting on his clothes...he thinks its pretty funny.

Off to School

School started last week. We have all enjoyed it. The night before school they could not go to sleep especially Ely she was up til midnight and of course I was too with Beckam.
All 3 days that they went to school last week I slept in while Greg got them up and, there wasn't a first day of school photo or tears because they are one year older I was sleeping.

But I did get a photo the 2nd day...after school of course.

Ely just might hate me later saying "what did you let me wear" but Greg lets them get ready in every way from head to toe they do it all. I think its great.

Gabe is super excited to be in 6th grade...the kids who rule the school. His teacher is Mrs. Nielson and so far he really likes her but has a boy who sits by him that is annoying.
Bryn is in 4th grade. She has Mrs. Humphries and loves her. She has like 2 weeks of school clothes planned out while planning with her friends their outfits too.
Elyse is in 2nd grade and has Mr. Felt he has a lizard in his classroom. The first day of school he sang them a song with his guitar...and it was so funny everyone laughed is what Elyse told me.
Isaac is in Pre-School with Talon. His teacher is Mrs. Misty and all he talks about his he gets to go to Talons school sometimes it will change to Talon gets to come to Isaac's school.

Some of Isaac to school because he doesn't start school until 11:30

a little artist

Gabe's creation while I was in the hospital with the little baby.

Isn't it amazing? I love it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Anniversary

It's our anniversary today it's been 13 wonderful blissful years. We didn't plan much do to with a newborn at home but we both don't mind we will have plenty of other anniversaries to celebrate. I think the next one we will be doing some sky diving. But we did go to a movie a few nights ago it was wonderful to get out for a moment and enjoy a show together...and Beckam slept the whole time.
We enjoyed a little dinner with mom and dad Bishop and Greg made the food to bring over and I just relaxed it was really nice to not have to worry about making a dinner. It's weird how those little things worry me and matter so much.

I LOVE you and thanks for being to wonderful!

2 weeks

long post overdue and it has taken me 4 days to finish. I started on Sunday and its now Wednesday.

Well, little Beckam is 2 weeks old and it has gone by fast but also very slow. I have enjoyed the miracle that he is. I am just so fascinated by how these little things are created and come out so healthy and strong. He is well loved around this house.

The story:
We got a phone call at about 4:50 Sunday morning asking if we could come to the hospital around 6:00-6:15 in my sleep I agreed. Why? I don't know if I am really ready for this...the pain of getting him here...sleepless nights...24/7 shifts but I think all that cuteness makes up for it.

After all the paperwork and and getting me all ready it was about 7:40 the pit was started and they broke my water. I felt contractions for about an hour but as they kept getting stronger I decided to call for the epidural. I didn't want to be in pain when I am crouched over on my side and them telling me to try to hold still. I wanted it painless and thats what I got and the amount he gave me was perfect I could still move my feet. So, about 10:40ish they checked me and I was ready to go so they got everything all set up and he was delivered at 11:01. It was perfect!
He weighed in at 8lbs 19.5 inches long healthy and strong.

The delivery went very well...3hours and 20 min. We didn't let anyone know for about a couple hours because we just got a caught up with what goes on after the baby gets here that we didn't tell anyone until we got to my new room and after that we both were so tired that we didn't have visits until later.

The kids called right when they got home from church and were dying to know if he was here and if they could visit. It's so fun to see how excited they were to see this little guy. Ely made sure weeks before he was born that she could be the first one to hold him and while she was holding him she insisted on being able to stand and walk around with him...I think it was so that she felt big. They all are adjusting well with him and the new lifestyle. The only thing they hate is the bedtime change...early to bed like 10 but they still feel its early.

I stayed a day in a half about. I couldn't go another night on the bed it made me soar but so did my own bed I think it was just my body.
If I left early I would have to go to the hospital to test is was high a 13.5 so they ordered lights for him. He did a pretty good job laying in his little tanning bed for 2 days. More photos to come I've just got to edit them.