Sunday, August 29, 2010

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This is what I find around the house now days. If I am sleeping or feeding Beckam or maybe even off to an errand this is how they keep the #4 family rule. Let your parents know where you are.

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Amy Lindstrom ~ said...

My Mom and I were talking yesterday. She was telling me how my sister Rachel is now in High School. The other day she went to school and never came home. By 5 my parents were freaking out. Calling everyone they knew, etc. Then she said at 9pm my sister called looking for a ride home from her friends and said, "HI", like there was nothing wrong with the fact that she didn't come home. I said, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! What was she thinking." My Mom was silent.....

Oh YEAH! I did that to her ALL THE TIME! From Grade School to High School. Shoot! :) Now that I am a parent the thought of my kids doing the same gives me a panic attack! Hahahaha! NOW I get why I was grounded most of the time growing up. If I couldn't leave. I couldn't go missing! HA!

I think I will be adopting this rule of your Jessica Bishop! Yes, I think I will! :) Hahahaha