Sunday, August 29, 2010


Another soccer season is off to a start and Bryn's first game was yesterday early morning. I didn't think I would make it but Beckam slept so well that we were their in a heart beat.

I love this girl she is so ME. She is LOUD and tells everyone where they should be and controls that defense. She has some awesome defenders that play with her as well. They shut down those forwards and if any team wants to make goals they need to shoot from outside the goalie box.

I discovered while taking her pictures that Bryn's number is 12. That's my number.

And just before Greg was getting ready to head out to the game he found Kitty in his car. While he was trying to throw her out, she put up a pretty good fight, he discovered she had her kittens in his car (yes more kittens...ugh!). He was not happy about that at all but...she was pretty clean.
They are all black again and she gave birth to 5 this time. I hope that I can get her fixed before she can get pregnant again.

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