Sunday, August 15, 2010

2 weeks

long post overdue and it has taken me 4 days to finish. I started on Sunday and its now Wednesday.

Well, little Beckam is 2 weeks old and it has gone by fast but also very slow. I have enjoyed the miracle that he is. I am just so fascinated by how these little things are created and come out so healthy and strong. He is well loved around this house.

The story:
We got a phone call at about 4:50 Sunday morning asking if we could come to the hospital around 6:00-6:15 in my sleep I agreed. Why? I don't know if I am really ready for this...the pain of getting him here...sleepless nights...24/7 shifts but I think all that cuteness makes up for it.

After all the paperwork and and getting me all ready it was about 7:40 the pit was started and they broke my water. I felt contractions for about an hour but as they kept getting stronger I decided to call for the epidural. I didn't want to be in pain when I am crouched over on my side and them telling me to try to hold still. I wanted it painless and thats what I got and the amount he gave me was perfect I could still move my feet. So, about 10:40ish they checked me and I was ready to go so they got everything all set up and he was delivered at 11:01. It was perfect!
He weighed in at 8lbs 19.5 inches long healthy and strong.

The delivery went very well...3hours and 20 min. We didn't let anyone know for about a couple hours because we just got a caught up with what goes on after the baby gets here that we didn't tell anyone until we got to my new room and after that we both were so tired that we didn't have visits until later.

The kids called right when they got home from church and were dying to know if he was here and if they could visit. It's so fun to see how excited they were to see this little guy. Ely made sure weeks before he was born that she could be the first one to hold him and while she was holding him she insisted on being able to stand and walk around with him...I think it was so that she felt big. They all are adjusting well with him and the new lifestyle. The only thing they hate is the bedtime change...early to bed like 10 but they still feel its early.

I stayed a day in a half about. I couldn't go another night on the bed it made me soar but so did my own bed I think it was just my body.
If I left early I would have to go to the hospital to test is was high a 13.5 so they ordered lights for him. He did a pretty good job laying in his little tanning bed for 2 days. More photos to come I've just got to edit them.

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Amy Lindstrom ~ said...

Jess you are ABSOLUTELY beautiful! Congrats! He is seriously one of the cutest little newborns I have ever seen!

I love that pic of you and Greg on the hospital bed. So you guys! I love how fun you are with each other!

Oh and Happy Anniversary! :)