Sunday, August 29, 2010

Off to School

School started last week. We have all enjoyed it. The night before school they could not go to sleep especially Ely she was up til midnight and of course I was too with Beckam.
All 3 days that they went to school last week I slept in while Greg got them up and, there wasn't a first day of school photo or tears because they are one year older I was sleeping.

But I did get a photo the 2nd day...after school of course.

Ely just might hate me later saying "what did you let me wear" but Greg lets them get ready in every way from head to toe they do it all. I think its great.

Gabe is super excited to be in 6th grade...the kids who rule the school. His teacher is Mrs. Nielson and so far he really likes her but has a boy who sits by him that is annoying.
Bryn is in 4th grade. She has Mrs. Humphries and loves her. She has like 2 weeks of school clothes planned out while planning with her friends their outfits too.
Elyse is in 2nd grade and has Mr. Felt he has a lizard in his classroom. The first day of school he sang them a song with his guitar...and it was so funny everyone laughed is what Elyse told me.
Isaac is in Pre-School with Talon. His teacher is Mrs. Misty and all he talks about his he gets to go to Talons school sometimes it will change to Talon gets to come to Isaac's school.

Some of Isaac to school because he doesn't start school until 11:30

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