Saturday, February 23, 2013

Isaac is 7

Happy Birthday my Best Buddy!!!

7 Awesome things about Isaac

  • He loves to do anything for a laugh. 
  • He's pretty mellow kid...go with the flow kind of guy.
  • He's quirky and has some very creative stories that he comes up with all on his own. 
  • He LOVES video games and especially loves to play with them with his Dad or Gabe
  • There is a sweet spirit about this boy. We just love him to pieces. 
  • He's cute!!!
  • We love to hear his laugh. He's a good soccer player. Is a very good student at school though he doesn't enjoy school very much but he's still good to the teacher. 

We are excited to celebrate this special day with our Best Buddy.
I believe he had a great day playing Halo ALL DAY LONG with Gabe and some friends. We may do a little celebration later with friends, it just snuck up on me to quick.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ice Breakers Tournament

Here we are in St. George playing a soccer tournament. Taking home 1st place in the Ice Breakers Tournament. It was a fun time to go south to get some warm sun. 
We had many things go wrong on this trip. But in opposition we had many great things go right. 1st off I got my wedding stolen. Heidi's cell phone dropped in the Walmart parking lot but 1 good thing came out of that someone found it and gave it back.
We had a tiny hotel room :) but that was fine because we were mostly at the field watching soccer games.
Sunday was a fun experience. We went to church and they had such an over abundance of people attending that it took nearly the whole sacrament time to give out the sacrament. There was only 10 min left for talks. The spirit was really strong...for me at least. I loved how we were all there for one renew our covenants. We visited the temple, went swimming, went out to eat a lot along with all the other people who came down to escape the cold.  I've never seen it so busy but then again I don't get out of town much :)