Saturday, February 27, 2010


It's the place to go for snacks and it mostly happens when Tye is over. This time I think it lost it's flavor when the light can be turned on because it was way more fun when you had to bring in all the flashlights.

Me at 17 weeks

Well here it is the first pregnant photo...not too much of a belly it's just the fatness coming out. At first I had gained 15 lbs and I started to freak out a little and now I am down to 10...much better.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Best Buds

It's a routine every morning Kitty comes in the house and Isaac gets to LOVE her. I am so surprised at what she lets him do to her. He does get hurt occasionally but most often she lets him carry her around and bug her.

In the end they are Best Buds. They are pretty fun to watch at how they play together.

2 Blue Cards from the Bishop's

In last nights soccer game Greg and I provoked 2 players to push us and get blue cards (if you get a blue card you are out of play for 2 minutes and then it makes your team down a player) and we did this all within 30 seconds. So, the other team was down 2 players which left them with only 3 players on the field...even with this advantage we didn't even score.
My blue card was not intentional at all (he he) I got a ball from a girl and then bumped her -just a little- then she came back at me and pushed me.
Greg's blue card was better he had been taunting/manipulating/bugging (whatever you wanna call it) to one of the players and the guy got so fed up with it that he decided to push him up against the wall by his neck and told him to settle down. It was a little funny. The other funny thing about it all was that we (both teams) never really got any fouls it went straight to blue cards which is pretty rare.

Go team Bishop!!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

He's 4 now!

What a fun Birthday Party.

I made these capes for everyone to take home and I had to get a shot like this to show the one girl we had at the party.

This year he decided to have a Batman party (don't worry...Spiderman you are still his favorite) we hung Bats on the ceiling because we were in a Bat cave. When all the kids arrived we played a few games though it seemed I had to force them into playing them most of the kids did not want to play and out of the 2 games we only played once. Because little Isaac was dying to open those presents everyone brought him. He loved every single one of them. After the presents we made our way over to have some Batmilk and cookies we also had to provide cake and ice cream too. I don't think the kids even ate any of the treats they mostly licked the icing off of the cupcakes and then they were of to running outside. By this time all the Grandparents were here to see the big boy so I brought out the bike and placed it perfectly that they saw his expression of which I'm sure looked like this.

And then later he said, "I'm so happy I got this Spiderman Bike."

Some photos of the party.

I also have to post photos from the photoshoot I did of Isaac for his birthday card.

From Spiderman 3 to 4

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gabe's testimony

I'd like to bear my testimony...

That I know that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints is the true church and that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love me. I know that Heavenly Father loves me because he sent his Son to die for me and I know that Jesus Christ loves me because he bled from every pour and felt all of the pain everyone has felt. He also died on the cross and was resurrected for me so that I can get resurrected too. I also believe in God the Eternal Father and in his, Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holly Ghost. I know that all of our prophets that have come and yet to come have been true and will be true. I know that they all love me and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I still miss you

1 year this month my grandpa passed away and I still think about him.

I got the phone call that Grandpa was very close to dying and that I should come visit him. I did. And almost every day after that for a month. Some days he was up perfectly normal having a good conversation and other days he could barely lift his head but he insisted on sitting in his chair next to the phone. I was with him the night he took his last breathe and as tough as that was to watch him pass on (for selfish reasons I didn't want him to leave but he was in pain) I am sure he loved very much to have had his family by his side the whole time.

the quote on the page says...farming hands, loving hands, caring hands, holding hands, Grandpas' hands.
I will miss those hands.

I made this post about him last year and didn't put it on my family blog.

Happy 89th Birthday!!!!

My Grandpa is on his death bed. He was diagnosed with a terminally ill cancer in September of 2008 and I'm not really sure what type it is but it's to a point of him passing on. He is slowly going and it makes me sad but I will continue to cherish every visit we have. Today we brought him some balloons in celebration of his birthday. He loved it and the note Elyse gave him.

On our way home Elyse was still writing him a note a few scribbles but it said, “Dear Grandpa I will miss you when you go to heaven…I love you”

Bryn wrote me a note:

So sorry that you're grandpa died. But Happy Birthday. Cens you were so bisy and sad. I wanted to give this note to you. I just love you so very very much. Just to let you know I was sad he died. I'm so so so so so sorry that your grandpa died.


Brynlee B.

Go visit the poeple you love as often as you can. I have some regrets but am moving thru it and making the time that I have now.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bryn Helping Haiti

Bryn came home from school a few weeks ago and asked "Can I give a soccer ball to the kids in Haiti" I said "Sure, go choose one" It's not like we don't have about 20 of them sitting around.
After finding the ball she wanted to go thru her toys then she wanted to give some food.
Next thing I hear is that she and Lydia sent around fliers in the neighborhood asking for more donations that they could bring to school (this all happened within the hour I was visiting teaching). I love this girls persistence and her willingness to help those in need. I think it was very close to her because she as a girl in her class that is from Haiti.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Day...

was a weekend full of LOTS of treats and of course LOVE! I am so treat-ed out I hope the kids are too because it's going to be gone tomorrow.

This is Elyse's LOVE note from a BOY his name is Cole.

Bryn's cute LOVE note to me

Pictures from the school parties. Gabe is always so hard for me to get a shot. He kept hiding behind the box and that is why he is blurry from his movement...but I will take it.

After school we brought home a few extra kids and since it was so warm I told them that they get to play outside...with great excitement and NOISE I could here them all the way in the house.

This is one of the girls specialty huts that they make.

I haven't yet talked about my special birthday. Here is how it went.

I have had such a wonderful day of being a mom.

I slept in…LOVE that part.
I finally got ready before 2 in the afternoon
I went to all the parties for my kids at school and was the class photographer…I nominated myself to do that.
I brought a car load of kids home and they played outside until dark
We had pizza for dinner and watched movies.
Lots of Birthday love from friends and family.

And for my present. I have decided to take on a diet challenge YES even when I am 15 weeks pregnant. While at dinner a few nights ago I was talking with Rebekah Westover and she told me about this Kristi Approved Live the Life program. I came home looked it up and emailed my question about starting something like this when I am pregnant and Kristi called me within 30 min. and said “Yes you should totally do it.” and here I am signing up. And the hardest part is putting it out here for others to know of my commitment…very vulnerable.

A note from my better half that I received just before I laid my head on my pillow.


I know this isn't nearly as cool as a trip to Hawaii or a weekend getaway with just your favorite husband in the whole world. I also know that this isn't the same thing as going to a movie with me and having the joy of being able to watch me make a fool of myself in some way in public. However, you gotta know that I love you. I adore your wonderful laugh, you're constantly changing attitude and your dedication to what is really good and true. I constantly thank the Lord for how much he has blessed me to find you so early in my life so that we could both grow old together starting at such a young age. I'm grateful for the blessings that I've been able to enjoy because of you and even though soccer is great, being a dad again is quite a sacrifice from you that is a priceless blessing to me.

Thanks so much for supporting me while I've been searching for my path and I do believe that all will work out. I'm particularly excited for how much the Lord is blessing us now that we have officially "planted the seed" to get "the fruit" of self-reliance.

I am yours forever and though I may play that I'm a grouch and don't have feelings - I passionately love you and will for the rest of our eternal lives.

I love you!


Monday, February 01, 2010

August 7th 2010

Comes BABY #5

I haven't officially announced it on my blog sometimes it may seem mundane because everyone already knows...but wait...this is my journal so I've got to put it down.
Greg and I were in the temple in August and I was specifically told that I am to have another child. I didn't have baby on the brain I had "what are we going to when Greg is done working at Special Ops Paintball" on the brain and "How are we going to survive?" And while we where in the Celestial room it felt stronger and stronger that I was to have another child and after a few tears flowed I knew it was the right thing to do. So, I came home and I think it was a few days later made the appointment with the Doctor to get the IUD out and move forward. It wasn't too long after that, that we were to be expecting. I still felt pretty overwhelmed with it all but in the process have had some wonderful blessings and experiences that have come our way. I am excited to see what is in store for us this year and to see where we are to be guided.

Many have asked if I get sick and generally I answer "no" but my answer is "yes" just not the typical morning sickness with my head in the toilet, instead my head is pounding with a migraine. I also have a hip that moves out of joint it's called sacroiliac joint dysfunction also known as SI joint dysfunction. It hurts! Since my hip is separated it gets inflamed in their and then any tendons that my be around there get affected too and will cause my leg to give out on me. The most common is that I will over do it by standing too much or cleaning the house or by excersizing and then I can't move. So far, being 14 weeks and am able to play soccer once a week (I tried 3 and it killed me for 2 days...yep not doing that one again) and excersize at small amounts. I can tell it is getting worse and the soccer is gonna have to stop. Speaking about soccer that is one of the times that I cried when I was thinking about all the things I WONT be able to do and that was at the top of the list. I poured my soul out to Greg about it and he laughed at me...RUDE! Can you believe that!

I got a prescription from my Doctor and I hope it aid's in the relief of those migraines.