Sunday, February 21, 2010

I still miss you

1 year this month my grandpa passed away and I still think about him.

I got the phone call that Grandpa was very close to dying and that I should come visit him. I did. And almost every day after that for a month. Some days he was up perfectly normal having a good conversation and other days he could barely lift his head but he insisted on sitting in his chair next to the phone. I was with him the night he took his last breathe and as tough as that was to watch him pass on (for selfish reasons I didn't want him to leave but he was in pain) I am sure he loved very much to have had his family by his side the whole time.

the quote on the page says...farming hands, loving hands, caring hands, holding hands, Grandpas' hands.
I will miss those hands.

I made this post about him last year and didn't put it on my family blog.

Happy 89th Birthday!!!!

My Grandpa is on his death bed. He was diagnosed with a terminally ill cancer in September of 2008 and I'm not really sure what type it is but it's to a point of him passing on. He is slowly going and it makes me sad but I will continue to cherish every visit we have. Today we brought him some balloons in celebration of his birthday. He loved it and the note Elyse gave him.

On our way home Elyse was still writing him a note a few scribbles but it said, “Dear Grandpa I will miss you when you go to heaven…I love you”

Bryn wrote me a note:

So sorry that you're grandpa died. But Happy Birthday. Cens you were so bisy and sad. I wanted to give this note to you. I just love you so very very much. Just to let you know I was sad he died. I'm so so so so so sorry that your grandpa died.


Brynlee B.

Go visit the poeple you love as often as you can. I have some regrets but am moving thru it and making the time that I have now.

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Cannon's said...

Great post Jess. Love ya!