Tuesday, February 23, 2010

He's 4 now!

What a fun Birthday Party.

I made these capes for everyone to take home and I had to get a shot like this to show the one girl we had at the party.

This year he decided to have a Batman party (don't worry...Spiderman you are still his favorite) we hung Bats on the ceiling because we were in a Bat cave. When all the kids arrived we played a few games though it seemed I had to force them into playing them most of the kids did not want to play and out of the 2 games we only played once. Because little Isaac was dying to open those presents everyone brought him. He loved every single one of them. After the presents we made our way over to have some Batmilk and cookies we also had to provide cake and ice cream too. I don't think the kids even ate any of the treats they mostly licked the icing off of the cupcakes and then they were of to running outside. By this time all the Grandparents were here to see the big boy so I brought out the bike and placed it perfectly that they saw his expression of which I'm sure looked like this.

And then later he said, "I'm so happy I got this Spiderman Bike."

Some photos of the party.

I also have to post photos from the photoshoot I did of Isaac for his birthday card.

From Spiderman 3 to 4

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Jilleen said...

Tye had such a good time. Great idea to make the capes. Happy birthday to Isaac!