Monday, February 01, 2010

August 7th 2010

Comes BABY #5

I haven't officially announced it on my blog sometimes it may seem mundane because everyone already knows...but wait...this is my journal so I've got to put it down.
Greg and I were in the temple in August and I was specifically told that I am to have another child. I didn't have baby on the brain I had "what are we going to when Greg is done working at Special Ops Paintball" on the brain and "How are we going to survive?" And while we where in the Celestial room it felt stronger and stronger that I was to have another child and after a few tears flowed I knew it was the right thing to do. So, I came home and I think it was a few days later made the appointment with the Doctor to get the IUD out and move forward. It wasn't too long after that, that we were to be expecting. I still felt pretty overwhelmed with it all but in the process have had some wonderful blessings and experiences that have come our way. I am excited to see what is in store for us this year and to see where we are to be guided.

Many have asked if I get sick and generally I answer "no" but my answer is "yes" just not the typical morning sickness with my head in the toilet, instead my head is pounding with a migraine. I also have a hip that moves out of joint it's called sacroiliac joint dysfunction also known as SI joint dysfunction. It hurts! Since my hip is separated it gets inflamed in their and then any tendons that my be around there get affected too and will cause my leg to give out on me. The most common is that I will over do it by standing too much or cleaning the house or by excersizing and then I can't move. So far, being 14 weeks and am able to play soccer once a week (I tried 3 and it killed me for 2 days...yep not doing that one again) and excersize at small amounts. I can tell it is getting worse and the soccer is gonna have to stop. Speaking about soccer that is one of the times that I cried when I was thinking about all the things I WONT be able to do and that was at the top of the list. I poured my soul out to Greg about it and he laughed at me...RUDE! Can you believe that!

I got a prescription from my Doctor and I hope it aid's in the relief of those migraines.


Cannon's said...

Holy smokes! Congrats! Did you ever think you'd be mom to 5 kiddos? So excited for you.

Carin said...

I am so happy for you and your family. It can be scary putting what you know in your heart to be right over your own plan. I admire your courage!!! You are a wonderful mom!!!

Amy Lindstrom said...

Jess! While I was reading your post it totally made something pop into my mind that I heard the other day.

Usually when I am taking the kids to and from school I listen to a Christian radio station. The guy was talking about getting direction and then FOLLOWING direction from the Lord. He was talking about how we are so quick to think prayers aren't answered, but then he said this:

"If you ask the Lord what you should do next, I am sure his response would be, 'Well, did you do the first thing I asked you to do yet?', to which our reply would be, well, not yet, but I want to, I just kind of want to know where I will end up before I get going. Then He would say, 'Take the first step, then I will show you the second'".

It hit me really hard. Sometimes the Lord gives us a feeling and wants us to just trust Him, without knowing the outcome.

Ryan and I have been talking a lot about enjoying the journey. If we want to go from here to California and we have to drive Ry is cranky cause he just wants to get there. We have been talking about how much we miss if we don't enjoy the process of getting there.

Kind of a lot like life. You are doing what you are supposed to. You are trusting the Lord. Everything WILL work out. It might get hard, but it won't be unbearable. THEN you will get to the next step and life will be good and you will have grown in faith.

You took the first step! Without over thinking all the details and "what about"s. The Lord will provide. He obviously is aware and has a plan for you! Isn't that AWESOME! I love knowing that! It makes everything seem more bearable! We just do our best, rely on Him and TRUST. He will direct our path!

PHEW! What a long comment! I really should have sent this in an email instead! :) Ha!

Lots of Love!