Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Day...

was a weekend full of LOTS of treats and of course LOVE! I am so treat-ed out I hope the kids are too because it's going to be gone tomorrow.

This is Elyse's LOVE note from a BOY his name is Cole.

Bryn's cute LOVE note to me

Pictures from the school parties. Gabe is always so hard for me to get a shot. He kept hiding behind the box and that is why he is blurry from his movement...but I will take it.

After school we brought home a few extra kids and since it was so warm I told them that they get to play outside...with great excitement and NOISE I could here them all the way in the house.

This is one of the girls specialty huts that they make.

I haven't yet talked about my special birthday. Here is how it went.

I have had such a wonderful day of being a mom.

I slept in…LOVE that part.
I finally got ready before 2 in the afternoon
I went to all the parties for my kids at school and was the class photographer…I nominated myself to do that.
I brought a car load of kids home and they played outside until dark
We had pizza for dinner and watched movies.
Lots of Birthday love from friends and family.

And for my present. I have decided to take on a diet challenge YES even when I am 15 weeks pregnant. While at dinner a few nights ago I was talking with Rebekah Westover and she told me about this Kristi Approved Live the Life program. I came home looked it up and emailed my question about starting something like this when I am pregnant and Kristi called me within 30 min. and said “Yes you should totally do it.” and here I am signing up. And the hardest part is putting it out here for others to know of my commitment…very vulnerable.

A note from my better half that I received just before I laid my head on my pillow.


I know this isn't nearly as cool as a trip to Hawaii or a weekend getaway with just your favorite husband in the whole world. I also know that this isn't the same thing as going to a movie with me and having the joy of being able to watch me make a fool of myself in some way in public. However, you gotta know that I love you. I adore your wonderful laugh, you're constantly changing attitude and your dedication to what is really good and true. I constantly thank the Lord for how much he has blessed me to find you so early in my life so that we could both grow old together starting at such a young age. I'm grateful for the blessings that I've been able to enjoy because of you and even though soccer is great, being a dad again is quite a sacrifice from you that is a priceless blessing to me.

Thanks so much for supporting me while I've been searching for my path and I do believe that all will work out. I'm particularly excited for how much the Lord is blessing us now that we have officially "planted the seed" to get "the fruit" of self-reliance.

I am yours forever and though I may play that I'm a grouch and don't have feelings - I passionately love you and will for the rest of our eternal lives.

I love you!


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kelly said...

I have been meaning to say happy birthday to you!!!! i hope it was awesome!!!!! congrats on the baby too - i didn't know and we are so happy for you! would love to see you soon!