Friday, February 26, 2010

2 Blue Cards from the Bishop's

In last nights soccer game Greg and I provoked 2 players to push us and get blue cards (if you get a blue card you are out of play for 2 minutes and then it makes your team down a player) and we did this all within 30 seconds. So, the other team was down 2 players which left them with only 3 players on the field...even with this advantage we didn't even score.
My blue card was not intentional at all (he he) I got a ball from a girl and then bumped her -just a little- then she came back at me and pushed me.
Greg's blue card was better he had been taunting/manipulating/bugging (whatever you wanna call it) to one of the players and the guy got so fed up with it that he decided to push him up against the wall by his neck and told him to settle down. It was a little funny. The other funny thing about it all was that we (both teams) never really got any fouls it went straight to blue cards which is pretty rare.

Go team Bishop!!!!!


Cannon's said...

Not very sportsmans like.

Jess said...

I know I would have to agree that the team was not very sportsman like.