Sunday, October 03, 2010

Beckam's Blessing Day

It was an emotional day. I knew it was the last Sunday I would be with this ward.
In the time we have lived here we have made so many wonderful friends and I was sad to leave them. I have learned a lot from so many thru example and word and I will never forget. I will never forget this experience in my life and am thankful for people I was blessed to meet.

Beckam's blessing

Journal Entry:

Today I gave Beckam a baby blessing and as I normally attempt to do, I didn’t’ think about what I should say until I began. As best I can remember, this is what I felt prompted to bless him with. After giving his name of Beckam Aaron Bishop, I gave the following blessing:

I bless you during this sojourn on earth to remember your lineage. You are a son of our Father in Heaven and have the right, privilege, opportunity and work to do to return to our Father in Heaven and to become like Him. I bless you with the gift of insight to remember your family – both your immediate family as well as all your brothers and sisters throughout the world. As you remember this family you can prepare others to return with you to our Father in Heaven and have joy and love on this earth. I bless you with this along with a gift of charity and love.

Jess later got up and bore her testimony which was amazing. She did an excellent job and had mixed emotions that came out: joy from a new child, and sadness for saying goodbye to so many great friends.

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