Sunday, October 10, 2010


I had to post today because it's 10-10-10 and how cool is that. I'm always telling Greg to look at the time like if it's 3:33 or if I could have waited long enough Beckam could have been born on 8-9-10. Yea I know its 3rd grade humor but since I've started it I've gotta keep it going.

Okay, so I will make a real post out of it and talk about these MUDDY BOYS. Gabe did it and now Isaac has. I've yet to see Beckam follow in their footsteps.
It just makes me they've made a few attempts again and didn't succeed but somehow there last attempt worked and again they were muddy.

They thought it was funny to get their bums muddy.

Just being silly.

Now its time to have everyone join in and get completely covered with mud.

Thinking its fun.

...and now its cold

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