Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bryn is 10

Love this girl. She has a blast at her parties and love to plan them. And I have now decided no more individual birthday parties we are going to do one big bang for the year and its going to fun to plan with the kids. Anyways on to Bryn's birthday this year she wanted and ipod touch so, we pooled as much money as we could to make it work and she only has $40 dollars to earn for it..she has already paid $20. She was so happy to get it as you will see in the photos...when I can edit them. I accidentally shot in RAW and that's an oops because I don't have the latest version of CS to support the file so, I will leave with you the announcement.

and now for the 10 wonderful strengths this girl has.

*She is such a big help with Beckam and she just loves to mother him...she is GOOD at it too.
*A beautiful smile.
*Love to hear her laugh.
*She is great with her friends.
*She is very good at soccer.
*Very smart.
*She puts up a tough front but has a very tender heart.
*Loves to be with people.
*A great party planner.
*She is BEAUTIFUL inside and out.

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Kimberly said...

Tell that Gorgeous Girl Happy Birthday from her favorite Aunt! I cannot believe she is 10 years old already!!