Sunday, October 03, 2010

A month flown by

This month was survival for me. We got word that we where to move out of our home by the 18th of Sept. It all happened so quickly that it took us by surprise.
While it was a time to act I froze. I just had a baby, only 4 weeks ago, and this was the last thing on my mind (it really wasn't even on my mind). Greg took action and found us some homes to look at in the area close to the school the kids attend. The first house we looked at ended up being the one we wanted and got. Its smaller but we are so happy to be in it. We have been here for 2 weeks now and love it and because we are so close to our old neighborhood and in the same school district it didn't feel like we moved (accept for the mess in the garage and all the boxes around the house). It has been a blessing for me to be strong for myself and for the children. The move alone was emotionally and physically, mostly physically, exhausting. There were times that I felt like just falling to the ground in the fettle position to cry and then sleep. With having the newborn I was exhausted. But hey its over now and I'm all rested!
Here's to the next chapter in life. Yeah!

In the photo: Bryn, Lydia, Megan, Abby, Emily and Dillan in the back row.

Bryn's cute little friends just before we were completely out of the house. What great memories we will have.
As I was packing my bedroom window was open and I was listening to there conversation. They were telling their top secrets to each other and I just remember Abby's was about a boy she liked and to not tell anyone.

I can't forget about all the help we had...especially from the children!
We really did receive a lot of help from everywhere. We seriously have the best friends and neighbor's in the world. We had people making us dinner, taking Beckam off of my hands for me to pack and then I had Jamie helping me with it all too. Boden was trooper thru it all too. Really I am so blessed to know such wonderful people. It brings tears to my eyes from all the love that was given us during this time.

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