Sunday, October 24, 2010

More of Beckam

I have just realized I haven't posted anything from his first months with us.

When we first brought him home his billi count was high and so I had to take him into the hospital the next morning to have it tested again...still tested high so, he had to lay on the lights at night and I needed to make sure he was eating well, which was a little challenge. He was a little confused when it came time to eat. He wouldn't latch on and was so hungry he would just cry but after awhile he figured it out and ate well enough to get off of the lights. He was only on the lights for 2 days.
He had his feet pricked a few times

He had a little time adjusting to sleeping at night. Thats odd!!! When it was time to sleep for the night I would lay him down just like I did during the day, he would sleep just fine, but because it was night he wouldn't sleep.
There were many sleepless nights and, at times it felt like I was a drunk trying to take care of him. I almost fell over once while walking with him.

He has been so fun to snuggle and just love. I sat around all day just holding him.

Here he 3 days old. I can't believe I got a smile out of him.

And here he is 2 weeks old. Everyone loves him and can't get enough of the little guy.

Cute little sibling shots.

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Carin said...

Jess! He is absolutely beautiful!!! And OBVIOUSLY very loved! I am so happy for you!

p.s. My sister-in-law (Amanda) loved you! I knew she would! :)