Wednesday, October 11, 2006


This costume is sooooo cute. Julie made it for Gabe and its now been past done to Isaac.


I just wanted a break so I thought I would post. I have about 8 children running around my house. Gabe is out working on his hut with a few friends and I just caught Bryn and her friend writing on the wall with a marker (which they are now cleaning up). Isaac has gone down for a nap and Elyse just headed over to her friends house. Whoa CRAZY sometimes! I didn't realize that when we signed up for having children that it would come in doubles or triples by adding on the friends that they have.

When its nice weather outside we have quite a bit of chaos at our home. Kids running in and out leaving doors open jumping out of trees running across the street to talk to a friend leaving their mark on the wall and many more. Despite all this work I LOVE IT!

I finally decorated my house two days ago. When we moved here we said we were going to move quickly to get into our home (so I didn't wanat to put a lot of work into decorating). Well, things haven't gone as planned our home in Nephi didn't sell accordingly so 8 months later I decided to make this our home until we move again. When Bryn got up to go to school the next day and told me how nice the house looked (they notice).
I've got to go now my motherly duties are calling for Little Mermaid and FOOD!

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