Thursday, January 18, 2007

Gabe broke his collar bone last Saturday sledding. He was going down the hill standing on the sled (snowboarding) and had turned backwards and collided into someone and their head hit into his collar bone giving it a clean break. He shed a lot of tears but still trying to be tough about it (while his friends are calling him a baby). Once we got to the instacare he was starting to get upset with me in letting him go. Then it turned into how am I going to write and go to school and then how am I going to play the XBOX. It was all over after realizing that he wouldn't be able to play for awhile.
He had a lot of visits from his friends, they felt pretty bad. The thing Gabe likes most is that his "friends are a lot nicer to him." he says.
I wanted to add to this. Later that night we were invited to a mascarde gala that was formal dress. We had been looking forward to going. The week before I went searching for a dress that could fit my body and I even found something but it had to be altered a little . My good friend Caryn took good care of me and did the work. I think the dress turned out pretty good. This is the part I wanted to add I had gone and got my hair done up and put my dress on and the girls loved it Bryn wants her hair just like mine and a dress too. Elyse was asking me if I was getting married.
Gabe seemed to be doing pretty well so we decided to go for awhile. It was a lot of fun. Dinner and dancing (we did a little and we even had some lessons on swing, we need a little help) but we had a great time.

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