Sunday, March 30, 2008

Catch up time

I had plans to post every Sunday and I think I missed 2 now. Let me see if I can do some catch up.

First of all at the beginning of March Gabe bore his testimony the first time and he loved it. He felt so good after he came down from the pulpit he wanted to go do it again. I was so proud of him for getting up the courage to express his little testimony to everyone in the ward. He is on brave cookie. I love watching him step out of the box and make his growth. You are very inspiring!

We now have sheetrock...YEAH! It looks amazing. I love it. The mud and tape will be next and then I think it's my turn to paint.

I hosted a clothing party at my house Friday & Saturday and worked very hard to get some marketing material out their for people and I think it was a flop. I have completely exhausted myself so I may be pretty lazy this week.

We look forward to having Eric & Kim visiting us this coming weekend for the week it will be a lot of fun!

That's about all for now.


Angela Fielding said...

Hey Jess! I just went through your family blog. Darling family. I have to tell you I had such a different impression. I kept seeing your picture with just your little one. So I thought he was your first. And you look so young! Now just seeing your family blog for the first time, I'm like she has four kids! I had no idea you were such a super women! And look like your in your twenties. I need to start a little family blog. I love that idea.

Paul and Nat said...

It's about time! I was starting to think that maybe you moved away! We're coming to Utah probably in the next couple of weeks, because Paul is going to help Mike. We should get together and do lunch or something. I haven't seen Heidi in ages either. I'll be talkin to ya! Love ya!

Bishops said...

Hey guys, we found your link on Steph's's fun to learn more about your cute family. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of you this summer now that we're in the neighborhood :-)