Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back to the Basics

Here it is for those of you that don't know. Greg is no longer working for Special Ops Paintball and has started is own new adventure. So, we will be poor for I'm not sure how long and to say the least things have gotten pretty tight around here in the Bishop household. For instance we cut off feeding the whole neighborhood...okay part of the neighborhood. This was a tough one they (as in all of them could not understand this) "I can't share with my friends."
I like this one "We can't go swimming because we don't have the money" Bryn had said this on her own. Once they understood on how or what we choose to spend our money on their decisions were pretty easy...sometimes not fun but for the most part understandable.
We also cut off allowance...I think the kids should work just to live in here...he he he. They don't need money. Anyways I gave them a chance today to do some extra jobs to get some money. It was amazing they were actually willing to do more work for less. I worried that with us telling them about our finances that the impact would be negative but I don't know I may be wrong.
I have to say that we have grown so much as a family in the last 4 months...we actually like to hang out with each other. We go on small outings now...they actually feel BIG and are FUN! We've enjoyed the dollar theater again...and Friday night is movie night. And who needs a swing set when you have a rope and a stick...that was how the summer was spent. I have many holes in the grass to prove it. (Pictures to come later) I love that with this economy, the recession, that we are going thru that it has brought us Back to the Basics.


carin davis said...!
I wish you WONDERFUL luck on your new adventure!!!!!

Cannon's said...

These kinds of times make you appreciate EVERYTHING. Best of wishes for success in all of your new ventures.

Robyn said...

Im not gonna lie, it sucks to be poor, but you do pull together so much more and its amazing the bargins you find, and how much more you actually eat the food you have at home before it spoils! Good luck friend! And I dont know if you ever got my text about the cookies! But I loved them! So delish! Thanks again! Your such a cute friend and I love ya!

Kellie said...

I'm right there with ya woman... It's just nice to know that your not the only one, right!

kellyballard said...

i love your honestly and devotion. you do not shrink in the face of trials - have always loved this about you. love all your new pics too - man i love your work. can you just move in with me? how was pics with ronelle? i can't wait to see them!!!!!!!!