Sunday, January 31, 2010

Moving Forward


So much weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Sometimes I don't realize how much is weighing me down until I make a move. Andy came in and installed the railing...I LOVE IT! It does create some work for me but we have a railing and it's just one step closer.
Steve also came in and helped with our electrical problems that we have encountered with our remodel. He spent about 8 hours in all getting my pantry light working the electrical over the stove (Greg worked on putting the lights up over the stove...I can see when I cook) the fireplace works and the light to loft can be turned on before we get into the room. SIGH! I can breathe a little it really makes me happy. The thing is Greg can do it all but why not take a little help once in awhile to get a little further ahead.


Jilleen said...

Yay for railings!! I'm glad you finally got it in. :) It looks nice too!

Cannon's said...

I love the railing. Gorg! Now I won't worry about falling down the stairs. Good choice.