Sunday, January 31, 2010


We are still not sure if he is a left or right handed. He uses both of them constantly.
This is WOLVERINE drawn with both hands

Look there he is left handed

wait...maybe he's right handed.

or left.

These are the tools he collected in his day of working with Steve and Dad.
I just like his belly button.

Moving Forward


So much weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Sometimes I don't realize how much is weighing me down until I make a move. Andy came in and installed the railing...I LOVE IT! It does create some work for me but we have a railing and it's just one step closer.
Steve also came in and helped with our electrical problems that we have encountered with our remodel. He spent about 8 hours in all getting my pantry light working the electrical over the stove (Greg worked on putting the lights up over the stove...I can see when I cook) the fireplace works and the light to loft can be turned on before we get into the room. SIGH! I can breathe a little it really makes me happy. The thing is Greg can do it all but why not take a little help once in awhile to get a little further ahead.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Scripture Time

We found the girls studying scriptures the other day. I knew they were doing it but it never occurred to me to get a picture (I know...weird) I'm so happy that Greg reminded me to do it. It's such a sweet moment.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Morning Shift is Taken

I love it. Greg takes care of the kids in the morning. He gets them up, in a good mood (these kids are a little temper mental when it comes to mornings) and makes breakfast and all the while I am sleeping. In trade I have night shift and sometimes this can be a tough one for me but I kinda like my sleep more.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


These 2 love their Webkin's.
I'm not sure how many they have my guess would be about 16 all together and tonight they all starred in a was long but worth it. I think the message was "We are all Special"

Good job girls!

Everything Spiderman

Even when it's winter and the deck needs to be shoveled with a rake.
This little one knows exactly how he wants it done...and this was it. He played in the snow for about 20 minutes until his feet where frozen.