Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Its a Happy Place

Bryn was grounded today (for disrespecting family members yesterday) and Gabe woke up with a soar throat but miraculously got better...then, still chose not to go to school. They both had a few jobs to do for me. YES! I loved it. Its funny to say that it was a blessing to have them grounded we gotta a lot of work done. Later, I made a comment and wished they would be grounded more often. So then Greg chimed in to do some teasing. Lets say they may think more about the choices they are making if they don't want to do EXTRA jobs.
I loved this scene of them all getting along on the tramp. The photos also make me laugh because of the blurriness you know, the movement. I once took a shot like this with my "nice" camera and showed the shot to a friend and then she said, because it had some blur, "I thought you had a nice camera" I laughed and said thats what I wanted the shot to look like. She didn't really understand why I would "want" it like that but she just doesn't get it.

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