Thursday, June 02, 2011

6th Grade Celebration

We prayed for SUN and it came (if you don't know its been raining sooooooooo much its like we live in Seattle)
Its Gabe's last year in Elementary school. He's moving on to bigger and better school's...Mountain Ridge Junior High here I come. I had to volunteer to do something on their 6th Grade Day of FUN!!! So I said I would do a Crazy Photo Booth. It was a hit. The night before Gabe asked if he could stay home from school. WHAT! No way. He didn't care much for it but I made him go since I was doing this last ditch effort to be one of the room mom helper's before its not needed in junior high.
Here are some of Gabe's photo booth out takes.

Here are the 6th grade teachers

And now its time to get hosed down by the fire department

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