Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bishop Family Reunion

Good times.
We had a lot planned around town.
*seven peaks
*rock climbing
*late night movie
*a trip to the zoo

 Most of the events I had left my camera behind but have a few shots to remember it by.

We are starting of the family reunion with some rock climbing.

This would be my "special" brother-in-law

And forgot the camera. Had tons of fun and burned myself. I lathered myself 3 times and still burned. I didn't put any on my legs and they burned in only 20 minutes.

Went to the Zoo without my camera....lame sauce I know. I had some good photo ops too....UGH! Yeah, I have been a little sidetracked and I keep forgetting my camera. Family Reunion stuff going on and I am missing all the photo ops because I am so worried about getting to where we need to be.

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