Sunday, September 11, 2011

For Those

....For the husband who told his wife, "I love you" one last time before his plane went down in a field, for the wife who stopped in the stairs to call her husband to say, "I will love you forever", for the mothers and fathers who kissed their kids goodbye the morning they died, for the policemen who rushed in with the firemen to help get others out only to die themselves, for the soldiers who fought back and lost their lives. Today, tomorrow, ten years from now, we will remember.
I remember vividly that day. Greg called me and woke me up, yes I was still sleeping had a 2 and 1 year old at the time, he told me to go turn on the t.v. I did. I was in shock. I couldn't believe what I saw. I was thinking about everyone actually going thru this tragedy and how scared they where.  I was scared for them and sad for the families. 
The t.v. was on all day watching as it all unfolded. The scene at the twin towers when they fell, and smoke that followed so much destruction that day meanwhile the heaven's where flooded. Its been 10 years and I still remember. 

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