Friday, June 17, 2011

Gabe' Birthday

I'm going back  to post the things I missed because of being so busy.

***a little Justin Bieber Fan....its that age I guess!

Gabe has been to Scout camp for the last week. I am actually cheating cuz I took this shot before he left but wanted to use it today for my post. I love this guy more than I feel I can express, mostly because I am not a good writer.
I feel my boy is so brave, venturing off to Scout camp with a ward he barely knows and doesn't have a single friend to hang with. He called us the first night he got there with a migraine, of which I have now writing this out...can't sleep, anyways he was in tears because it hurts and he wants to come home....not fitting in and misses his family. We calm him down and wait for what tomorrow will bring, maybe another phone call wanting to come home and sure enough we get the call after church. He's ready to come home so we give him permission to do so with one of the leaders. Gabe then says "no, I will give it more time" "I can't quit that easy...he thinks to himself" gotta love his tenacity. I do have to say it breaks my heart to hear him having such a tough time and how he is a victim to his circumstances. I know he is capable I know he can do it but HE doesn't. How do I teach him is worth and value? I can tell him til I am blue in the face but the fact is he has to believe it himself. It hurts. I can see so much potential in this Child of God. I only hope and pray that he will see his potential soon so he can live life confidently and enjoy every moment as he ventures of to the dreaded junior high experience. Sometimes I think what did I do wrong to make him believe this but maybe its not me and he was just born this way. I'm at a loss I'm just not sure how I can teach him to believe in himself and have confidence. I love my kids more than anything and the momma bear inside of me wants to take away any pains they experience but I can't he gets to have his experiences to grow.