Sunday, April 15, 2012

A little Spring Break Action!

It started out pretty grim for little Isaac. He got sick Sunday night and had a fever, cough, cold, soar throat and very little diet for 5 days. He's still recovering today...too tired to finish out church.

We spent a few days up at a cabin in Heber. We've been looking forward to this for some time now and its finally here. The kids invited some friends and I invited a few families to come up with us and some how it happened that all the men where working or at school so Greg was alone man :) he didn't mind he worked on one of the nights we were there.
I chatted with the girls while the kids ran around the house playing steel the flag. It was such a big house that it was a perfect game to play. There was also a theater room, pool table, ping pong, and a jacuzzi for some fine entertainment as well.

What else did we do? Oh yeah, Gabe had a game and they tied. He was going for a goal and got fouled and so he got a P.K. but he gave it to another player because he got hurt. But they scored from it. Way to Gabe for playing your heart out.

 checking out the deer.

And look at the fine decorations. It was perfect for a Cabin.

And all the bedrooms, all 7, just like this too.

And Beckam jumping, he kept hitting his head on the ceiling, a few jumps and he learned.

He loves to be the entertainment.

Can't forget about hanging out with the little Teacup Chiwawa

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