Sunday, September 02, 2012

Sunday Drive

We headed up the canyon for a drive to a little spot I took Beckam. The kids saw the photos I took and was begging me to take them there.
It was fun until Elly started screaming and hitting her face and then Isaac started to scream followed by Bryn. They walked into a nest of Bee's I think Yellow Jackets. They would not let go, they followed them all the way over to me as I was swatting them off trying to rip Isaac's shirt off 5 were stuck on his shirt and inside stinging his back he got stung 3 times Bryn got stung once while holding Beckam he didn't get stung and Elly got stung once as well. You would have thought they were going to die by their screams. I felt to bad. Needless to say we left shortly thereafter. And Elyse is freaked to go back.

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