Monday, October 22, 2012

Bryn is 12!!!!!

Eek. Time does fly and she is already smowballing with boys. Snowballing is a term they use at Classic Skating. They have a skate around when a boy asks to hold your hand during the song and Bryn was asked by a boy. What! She is still too young.
Funny conversation by her and Delightra. I can't remember why we were talking about being naked and Bryn says. "I look better with clothes on, I don't like to look at myself naked." Let's keep it that way sister.
The only thing she wanted for her birthday was a cell phone. But she wanted a NICE one and I wasn't going to pay for that, eventually she went with a cheaper version and we are all happy.
It felt weird that we had already celebrated her Birthday last month, it felt like I was a bad mom by not celebrating but we already did.

12 Awesome things about Bryn.

1. Second mommy to Beckam. I love watching them play together. Beckam can boss her around and hold his own.
2. She enjoys getting all pretty now. She cares about it.
3. She's in Young Womens.
4. She's a good friend.
5. Like's boys.
6. Can be a smart alec.
7. Still loves to bug people.
8. A great soccer player.
9. A big help around the house.
10. A fantastic babysitter.
11. Love to hear her laugh and hang with her friends.
12. Fantastic woman in the making is going to do great things. Has such a wonderful spirit. And loves to do what is right eventually :)

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