Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First day of School

There was some hesitation starting school this year with Isaac, he would be there ALL day, but he gets to have lunch at school :)
Bryn starting 6th grade. The ruler of the school
Elyse in 4th grade with Mr. Wells (or she calls him Mr. Pickle, he has a big pickle in his class)
And Gabe heading into 8th grade. Booya!
We are excited to see what's on store for this year.

Gabe was already off to school for the first day of school photos. Plus, he probably doesn't mind that he missed it.

Bryn did Elly's hair

I just love this image sooooooo much.

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened- Dr.Seuss

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened- Dr.Seuss
I saw this quote on facebook and I loved it. I tend to look on the I don't like change side of life. Like my best buddy Isaac is in 1st grade and I will miss him just like I did with all the rest that have gone to 1st grade. Its always a bitter sweet moment to move on and forward with life. I love these kids with all my heart and want for them all to be happy in life. I wish I could take away all the pains, trials and sorrows that they experience but I can't, they wouldn't be who they are without the trials. So, we have ventured off into teenage land. The first month was amazing and then it happened we got a teenager. I hope and pray that we (mom, dad and Gabe) can come out alive when it ends...does it end? I love this kid I hope we can do a good job in raising you. I hope the lord will guide us to assist you in your life journey. 
So, today, the first day of school (pronounced as sh-ool for fun!). What did we do? 
*wake up at 7:00 
*scripture study
*get ready in fancy new clothes
*ride bikes to school
What did mom get done?
*mow the lawn
*edited a session
*went to the store with Beckam 
*delivered 2 sessions
*played with Beckam
...its crazy what I can get done in a day without children.
Oh yeah, Beckam got into a few things. Greg's journal tape from his mission and made it into a fun mess. He found my lip gloss and was putting it all over his face. Colored, placed crackers everywhere, walked out the front door waving BY to me. Not sure what his plan was.
Kids are home and telling me all about their day at school. 
*take Bryn to practice 
*take other kids to play
*pick up and now dinner time
*off to bed for a good night sleep

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Beckam is TWO

You know everyone talks about the terrible two's and I don't think that I have really experience that with my children. I love two year olds they are so freaking CUTE! I enjoy watching the, experience life and learning.

Beckam at 2
He talks a lot. It's crazy how much he can say.
He loves to be center of attention.
He's goofy.
He knows what he wants.
He has a little OCD in him. If he sees a door open, he will shut it.
The 3 B's at bedtime. Bottle, binki, blanket. Night time NEEDS.
He sleeps thru the night.
Got a lot of energy.
I love to hear him knock on his door when he's done napping.
Loves to go on walks.
Loves to play at the park.

Below. A photo over load :)