Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Beckam is TWO

You know everyone talks about the terrible two's and I don't think that I have really experience that with my children. I love two year olds they are so freaking CUTE! I enjoy watching the, experience life and learning.

Beckam at 2
He talks a lot. It's crazy how much he can say.
He loves to be center of attention.
He's goofy.
He knows what he wants.
He has a little OCD in him. If he sees a door open, he will shut it.
The 3 B's at bedtime. Bottle, binki, blanket. Night time NEEDS.
He sleeps thru the night.
Got a lot of energy.
I love to hear him knock on his door when he's done napping.
Loves to go on walks.
Loves to play at the park.

Below. A photo over load :)


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