Saturday, July 28, 2012

I can't sleep

Sitting here at the computer listening to this annoying fly that keeps flying past me. I finally hit it with the swatter and it hits into the light bulb and burns...but the noise is gone.

I'm also making a list of...let's call them what not's.

*Number 1: Want my feet pain to go away! Can't wait for the day to walk again with out pain.
*Can't wait for the day to have a home to call my own and it has central air! I'm dying in the HOT summer.
*Want to vacation often. The beach is calling my name and I think I could handle seeing the Eiffel Tower :)
*Would love to go shopping with out feeling bad buying anything :)
*Would love to add color to my walls.
*Can't wait to pay bills on time.
*Wanna skydive and go to Africa...would love to take photos.
*I want to go a soccer game in Europe.
*Thankful I got my AC fixed in the car.
*It was fun to watch Gabe play soccer this weekend and he almost made it to the finals but the team that was runner up to them won their last game 5-1 which placed them to play tomorrow for 1st or 2nd and put Gabe's team 3rd.
*Number 2: This is one that I constantly want...To be healthy (free from treat cravings and crap food) & thin (about 140lbs) with muscle.

To get rid of all STRESS
To be a fun mom quit being so uptight...just relax and enjoy the moment for it will be gone.

This exercise started out with my friend asking me to write down all of my symptoms and see when they will be gone. It was suppose to be some symptoms of my body but it kind of went further than that :) Its just how I think...a little random.
I've talked with many people about my feet trying to find solutions and one day my friend Mia called me...totally random haven't talked to her in about 3 years. It was a sign and whats crazier is that I have been asking the Lord to bring people to me or me to them for whatever reasons I don't but I'm just running with it. She has a Whole Body Cleansing business and is very big into natural solutions.
I have come to find out we don't have enough vitamins and mineral in our food and we should be supplementing to give our body the nutrients it needs. And more importantly if we are active in sports or exercising then we really need to replenish our body with nutrients. 
She gave me a good start of supplements and I'm so excited to see the results. I would say her solution to my problem was totally different than I've heard. So, for now I wear special socks at night bought some shoes with support and then I'm giving myself some vitamins and stuff.
 And we shall see!

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Kellie-n-Sterling said...

Good Luck Sweetie. I feel your pain in the bill area and hope the best for you. I hope that you can quickly find some answers for your feet. Please! Let me know if I can help you in any way!