Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Elyse is 9

It's Elly's birthday...again. She is always such a happy girl. I love to see her smile.

9 wonderful things about Elyse.

1. Her smile.
2. Her laughter.
3. Her willingness to always do what is right.
4. She is so lovable.
5. Loves to serve others. (She just got me an ice cold drink of water with me asking her)
6. Loves to sing.
7. She wants to be grown up (wants to wear make-up, a training bra, she asked to shave her legs)
8. Little dancer.
9. Such a good friend.


 Remember the smile I talked about. Well, where is it? Below. And she kinda looks like a hippy. Doesn't her mother do her hair? Actually I do, she just pulls it. Gotta put that in there so when she is older she will know that I did it.

This is so cute. Its her list of what she is going to eat for her special day.

There is a ban for any fireworks in Cedar Hills but we were naughty and decided to do some sparklers.  There have been so many fires this summer and one just in our backyard in Alpine that's why the ban.

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