Friday, July 20, 2012

....he doesn't stop

This little Beckam of ours keeps us on our toes. I was editing last week and I heard noises in the kitchen. I walk in later, he had spilled milk all over the kitchen table and he's trying to clean it up. This time I wasn't very happy. I've had a tough time getting to editing this summer. I really can't seem to find the time from kids wanting to be entertained the second they wake up to staying up til midnight every night. I'm done. The last few nights they were done playing at 10:00 and in bed 5 minutes later.
A few other little cute little things about Beckam. He wants to have his toes painted and he know exactly what to get to do that. Yep, caught him painting toes today. This time I decided to take a photo of it and smile. Well, I did just get done painting my toes but I put the stuff away he, just found a way to get it and do it himself.
He also got his bottle ready for milk or water....whatever, he has no preference. He packed it chuck full of ice. Its what I do with my daily water...thought that was cute that he's already picked up on that. You know, there is a special way to make ice water. I've had to teach all the kids because they ALWAYS drink mine. You fill the cup chuck full of ice and then fill with water...if your going for  refills you have to put more ice in...the first set of ice will melt and then its not as cold. I know my ice water. Oh, and we prefer tap water over filtered water.
Well, my cute little Beckam with all the "not so sit still tendacies" I still love ya...though, you make me tired really, really tired.
Up next is his Birthday. The Big 2!

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