Wednesday, May 22, 2013

State Cup Tournament

Bryn's team has been training for this all year. To be 1st in State....winning state cup. With 3 days of practice every week and 2 games a week.. The coaches had a one rule that we couldn't be scored on and if we did the consequence was to 1) score 2 goals or 2) run suicides. In the season they only ran 2 suicides and all though it was only 2 it wasn't fun to do it, they were in tears running. And they had to run them after they finished playing their game.  It hurt watching. But in the end it worked out to our benefit. We won state cup. 1st in the State of Utah for U12 and now that means we move on to play in the Far West Regional soccer tournament in Hawaii....BOOYA! 

This game pictured is us celebrating the win against LaRoca bringing us to the final playoffs against Sparta.

Here we are playing Sparta and taking the WIN.
We can do hard things!

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