Thursday, November 09, 2006

Kid noises

Okay, so I got pretty uptight with the kids tonight and I told them I don't want to here any more kid noises. ie: "mom" repeated 30 times, crying, and fighting.
Isaac has been cuting a tooth and he has been crying for the last couple hours so we needed to go to the store to get the numbing gel for his gums. On our drive we had a really good talk about the kid noises.
It was pure bliss when we got home. I just needed to write about how awesme these kids are. We had dinner and Gabe just started to do the dishes and we were all working on how to talk nice to each other. Bryn asked what kind of kid noises that I do like. I love to here children laugh, the pitter patter of their little feet running, getting along with each other, and I love to here them tell each other stories about what they see in life.
Anyways I'm off to watch a movie.

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