Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Warm Day



So, it was like 66 degrees outside today. We played outside and went the store without a coat. It actually felt a little like spring. I not looking forward to it snowing. I'm okay with the first snowfall but after that it needs to stop. Actually it just needs to snow for Christmas and all will be perfect.
Anyways it was a day to make a photoshoot. I just thought these were so funny. It made my day (I got a good laugh from them). I am looking for the right picture of Isaac for a canvas that I want to use for some of my decorating.
I just need to say I don't do a very well job of writing. My writing doesn't flow (I need to make this a New Year's resolution). I actually did make some resolutions last year and have been successful in accomplishing them except for one - loosing weight.

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