Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I have totally neglected my family blog and I have decided to devote some time to it. So next week after all of my last minute photo shoots are done I will make a post and I would really like to make a banner too.

Peace out. Until next time.



Brian said...

Jess, you do amazing work. I still want to get you with my kids. Hey, send me your home address also so I can send you guys a christmas card.

BC gl230

Holly said...

We visit that home every year! Last year they had a lot more songs. It's still just as beautiful! I bet they decreased the # of songs to move the traffic along! I'm sure all the neighbors were sick of the hour-long wait to get to their homes! Did you see that line of cars on Christmas Eve just to see that house??? Man!
We need to get together again...and...I need to learn that program from you, so let me know when you have time! Glad you're no longer neglecting your family blog!